Our Fairy Tale Story


       In 2009, I went to see The Princess and the Frog. I listened to songs about following your dreams and working hard each and every day to achieve your goals. After leaving the theater, I was inspired to create my first princess costume. I knew that I wanted to reach out to children through princess characters to make an impact on them. I then traveled throughout Pittsburgh with my homemade costumes and wigs, volunteering my time, and gave the best performances that I could to ensure the children I acted for believed in magic.


One day a woman offered me $50 to perform at a birthday party for her daughter. I used the money to buy materials to make a new princess dress and used her real hair and a box of dye because she couldn't afford a wig. I sat down for four months and sewed a dress using just a needle and thread to create a story book princess dress so beautiful, it is still used in events today.

I now provides entertainment to corporate clients, parades, and charity work. I have become so busy that I now have a team of princesses and superheros to help me. These performers are very carefully selected as I settle for no less than perfection from my actors.


 Every child that I have met has brought such joy to my life. It truly is a dream come true to be able to bring magic to the lives of children. Thank You to everyone who has allowed me and my team to be a part of the most important day of the year, your child's birthday!


Yours Truly,

Victoria Brady

Owner and Operator of Leap of Faith Theatre Productions




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DISCLAIMER:  This entity is not attempting to violate any copyright laws. The characters we offer come from fairy tales and legends that are in the public domain. Any resemblance to copyrighted or licensed characters is purely incidental and unintentional. All costumes we use are unique and not copyrighted by any large companies. We are not associated with any large companies or theme parks and do not try to present ourselves as such. We may only book with clients who agree to these terms and are aware that we do not represent licensed characters.


All Packages are subject to a Travel Fee of .55 per mile over 20 miles from our base location.